Phelsuma antanosy extremely endangered!

A mining project may involve the removal of 2540 Ha of south eastern coastal forest in Madagascar , leaving only about 940 ha of highly fragmented and isolated forest patches along a 100 km stretch of coast. Phelsuma antanosy lives primarily in the to-be-cleared forests of the southeast. 

The Role of the ice ages


The Mascarene Plateau extends about 2,000 km between Seychelles and Mauritius and is one of the few submerged features clearly visible from space. It covers an area of over 115,000 km² of shallow water. The plateau once formed an archipelago of islands much bigger then Mauritius or Réunion today. Erosion, subsidence and sea level changes made the islands disappear.


The Dodo’s steppingstones the same as Phelsuma?

Geological evidence of land in the Mascarene island chain (Mascarene Plateau) suggests that island steppingstones may have been used before the dodo eventually found his way to Mauritius. 

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